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Dead, again!

Posted on: July 3, 2009

Dead, again!At first look, she might come across as another one of those dozens of fresh-faces with their eyes full of dreams, hoping against hope that they can draw the spotlight of fame onto themselves.

A second look however, makes the viewer start thinking that she looks a mite familiar. While her actual name is Shamili, she is better known, even after two decades, as ?Anjali papa?. After ?Anjali? she did not do any movie and in fact, kept saying all along that she wouldn?t like to be an actress.

However, the script of director Anand appears to have impressed her so much that she decided that the Telugu film ?Oy!?, all set for a release this Friday(3rd July, 2009), will be her first film as an adult.

Now comes the interesting part. Its normal for directors to keep the climax secret. And Anand too, has kept it under wraps. Well, almost. A birdie from the distribution sector, sang that the heroine of ?Oy!? will die in the end. It may be recalled that in her only film as a child also, Shamili dies.

The known details about producer DVV Danayya’s venture is that it stars a hot Siddharth and Shamili. If the hero-heroine combination itself is considered a casting coup, music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, son of Ilayaraja is noteworthy. Six songs and a short Bhojpuri number have already been welcomed by music-lovers.

So, it now comes out that ?Oy!? has been showcased as a soft love story with an tragic end. Just like ?Geetanjali?. It is understood that Shamili was impressed by the script only because it was a tragedy.

That apart, ?Oy!? has some stunning visuals, people involved in its production, say. Rajeevan, the art director who has been working with none other than ace filmmaker Gautam Menon, is said to have excelled himself. A set that he put up in Rishikonda is said to be excellent.

And last but not the least, the film got a clean ?U? certificate at the Censors a couple of days ago. Tragedy it may be, but it surely appears to come across as an absolutelyclean-clean entertainer, something that has become a rare commodity in the world of films these days.

Source: Indiaglitz

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