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Freedom at last?

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Freedom at last?The path will be hassle free here onwards.? Head held high, nothing to hide; life will be a smooth journey. No more taunts. No more weird looks. Sharing the space like all others, life will never be the same again. These thoughts of freedom would be flowing freely, happily in the minds of the entire gay race. This joy of relief has started pouring out since the day when Delhi High court legalised the consensual sex between same sex and made amendments in the old British law that was against such behaviour. The atmosphere now can be related to the famous English movie, ?Milk?, which reflected the story of the fight of a gay activist for the Gay rights and eventually, wins over the law.

There are mixed reactions from all the sides when the change came into rule. Confusion still hovers overhead. People seem to be not yet ready for such a big step. The thing which was a taboo till yesterday has turned into something that has earned power. But it is only the power of freedom, sensitivity, of equality and being respected. For few the battle might seem useless and waste of effort, but for few it is their elixir of life. To be at last accepted by the people, to be saved from mockery. Actress Khushboo says, ?I welcome this judgement with arms wide open. It is high time people were given the right to live the way they want. This is a step forward for India in terms of tolerance and acceptance.?

Many people have come forward to support this cause ? from all walks of life, from different fields. It doesn?t mean these people belong to this minority clan. But they do so because they care for their fellow beings; they want to make better place for such people; to show the world that Gays are only humans with a difference and there is no use to be or feel uncomfortable with them.? Actress Neetu Chandra seemed to agree with the same and said, ?The country will now be much better place for the sexual minorities to live in.?

Celina Jailty, the Bollywood diva, took the bold step to fight for Gay rights. She remained strong in her support and lashed many aggressive comments over the 150 years old British law, through several kinds of media. Now this new verdict has left her very emotional and she couldn?t express her joy enough. On other note, she said, ?But the battle?s just begun. I can foresee a lot of opposition and hair-splitting over this. The law will now have to be laid out and that will not be an easy task. This is a cultural revolution, and will face its share of criticism and flak. But we are moving ahead, and there?ll be no looking back.?

Well, times are truly changing. People have started accepting the change or maybe relentlessly are putting up with the radical changes. But whatever be the reason, hope things don?t take a new turn altogether and give rise to a new injustice.

To put it in words of Shakespeare, ?It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.?

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