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MJ?s mind is here to stay!

Posted on: July 7, 2009

MJ?s mind is here to stay!Michael Jackson unexpectedly met with his death due to a cardiac arrest on June 25. The grandeur of his burial ceremony is something which has never been given to any deceased before. His followers pouring in from across the globe just to bid him, is an obvious example of how his great influence has worked over them.

But the great singer is not leaving this earthly world wholly. His brain is going to be left behind to face an autopsy for further investigations, as his untimely death is still under the scanner. MJ?s family members were told that they either have to wait till they finish the investigation, which will take around three weeks time, or they have to bury him without his brain. His family chose the latter option to leave the brain behind and carry on with the funeral.

The test results will play a crucial role in the criminal investigations into the star’s death. It is said that the brain has to sufficiently harden before it can be used for any tests. So the process will take time and the family members didn?t want to delay things any more.

The funeral ceremony will include live performances by various eminent singers; to pay their tribute to the legendary singer. The event will have even more tighter security, where the police personnel will be strict enough to show no sympathy towards those who don?t have proper entry passes.

Source: Indiaglitz

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