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Kencha: Old wine, old bottle!

Posted on: July 14, 2009

Kencha: Old wine, old bottle!The film stars Prajwal evaraj and Pragna in the lead. The story revolves around Rahul aka Kencha (Prajwal), an orphan with a golden heart. Rahul is the blue- eyed boy of his college and Shwetha (Pragna) falls for him. Ajay (Tilak) will do anything to put Rahul down and win over his girl friend. The clash between Rahul and Ajay spins out of control and the underworld enters the sceneo. There is a twist in the tale, when Rahul says that he is not an orphan but the son of an underworld don.

The film is obviously inspired by many such films. Though P N Satyas script has many twists, it cannot hold the attention of the viewer. Moreover, the efforts by the director to project Prajwal as a larger-than-life hero backfires.

Prajwal is full of energy and he is excellent as the typical college boy. He is impressive in action and dances. Pragna has nothing much to do except hang around in glamorous costumes. Thilak in a negative role has done his bit again. Sharath Lohitashwa as the don is very good.

Camera work by P L Ravi is sure engaging. Rajesh Ramanath gives two hummable songs and all the songs have been picturised beautifully.

Source: http://www.filmysouth.com

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