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Actresses, Here and There

Posted on: July 20, 2009

Actresses, Here and There

They say talents have no barriers. If you have it in you then you will be on top of the world. Even if you don?t, it doesn?t matter; experience and schooling will push you there. Ok, enough of beating around the bush.

Each tinsel town shares its talents with one another. Be it singer, actor, technician or any behind-the-screen crew. This mutual sharing has been going on over the years, bringing fresh essence in the screenic scenario every time. In the actual sense, the work of an actor is to portray a story, be it in any dialect, to act as someone else. And that is the true identity of an actor. Talent has no language.

A successful actor in one region is pulled in by other. Or it might be other way too. Mr. nobody of one cine industry would go on to become a star icon in another. But it could be taken in account that rarely a male actor ventures out his regional language to make a name in other industry. Leaving out Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, very few heroes have stepped out of their chosen film industry and made universal impression. It is mostly the leading ladies take on this transcending journey and achieves all-around recognition.

Times immemorial, actresses are roped in from different vernacular industries. Bollywood invites popular Tamil heroines in their tinsel stage. But it is not the same in the Southern counterpart. Tamil industry encourages fresh faces from the North and makes them popular. Item numbers in Tamil movie these days are incomplete without any Hindi models.

Remember Jyothika in her first movie in Hindi? Well, she is a haze memory in Bollywood but down South she is still reigning in Tamil hearts, even after her marriage. Similarly, Kiran, Rambha, Bhoomika, Simran, and younger heroines, Shriya Saran, Genelia, Tamannah and many more have made it to the top in Tamil field.

Bollywood gave stage to most pretty south Indain actresses who have given us most memorable classics. Vyjayanthimala, Lakshmi, Radhika, Hema Malini, Jayapradha, Sridevi, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Gauthami, Madhoo aka Madhu Bala, Ramya Krishnan are some lovable southern beauties who entertained us without showing any hint of their nativity. They carried with them a grace and confidence which lacking in the heroines today. Latest to join the Hindi bandwagon is Asin who have repeated the south magic with her striking performance and Trisha, recently, is preparing to spread her wings in Bollywood.

But all these exchanging is not a matter of competition. But it is about having the prestige to bring out one?s talents, undeterred by the language boundary – acting with complete ease, to create a mark and to capture cinema lovers from all the states. For, it is also said that a good entertainer will never go unnoticed.

Source: Indiaglitz

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