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I am not making ‘Awards’: Madhur Bhandarkar

Posted on: August 24, 2009

Madhur Bhandarkar is surprised around the rumours making the rounds that after ‘Jail’; he would be beginning work on ‘Awards’.

More so because there also appears to be some official ‘on-the-record’ statements being made by certain individuals when he has personally not announced the film or declared it to the outside world.

“How can people talk or write about it without consulting me”, fumes Madhur, who was perplexed when he read about the announcement on one fine morning, “Just imagine, I was myself reading it all for the first time as were you. I was in Sweden earlier this week. When the media was bombarding me with phone calls around the film, I was, in fact asking myself if I was indeed making the film. Some of them even started speculating around the cast of the film which is baffling when there is no script ready in the first place.”

It was reported that his film titled ‘Awards’, for which there has been (apparently) 40 crores budget being allocated, would reveal behind-the-scenes drama and the inner workings of award functions. Also, it would take a sneak peak into ‘camp system’ in Bollywood and how awards are manipulated.

“Rubbish”, Madhur dismisses it right away, “A subject may interest me and I may talk about it with a few people. Yes, I have considered this concept but I am not making Awards for now. In fact, I have around 10 ideas that I could be developing into films. I even have as many as three titles already registered. But that by no means equates to me going ahead and making a movie straight away.”

‘Awards’ sounds certainly scandalous and yet another expose film.

“Arrey, jahan jab dekho expose word judh jaata hai mere naam ke saath”, smiles Madhur, “I want to try other genres also yaar. It could be a comedy or a romantic film or even a hard hitting drama. Let’s see. In fact currently I am more focused on enhancing the profile of my production house ‘Bhandarkar Entertainment’. Through this banner, I would also be roping in outside directors to make films for me.”

Source: Bollywood Hungama


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