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Waiting for Prabhakaran’s voice

Posted on: August 24, 2009

A M R Ramesh, who earlier directed Cyanide, a movie that focused on the lives of the suicide wing of LTTE and the Rajiv Gandhi assassination has announced his plans for a new film that would be a biopic of sorts about Prabhakaran, the late LTTE leader’s life. In a recent press interaction, he mentioned that the screenplay of the movie is ready and that he’s hunting for suitable actors to play the lead role.

Ramesh said he did not want to cast actors who are already popular and have an image of their own in the role as it will ruin the characterization. The movie is likely to go on floors on November 27, the day celebrated as Warrior day among LTTE cadets when Prabhakaran addressed his followers for more than 20 years. Though Prabhakaran is believed to be dead, Ramesh is keen to wait till the 27th of November 2009 as it is customary for the LTTE leader to address his followers wherever he is there on that date. He also claims that there were earlier instances when Prabhakaran was said to be dead but he came out on the 27th of November. If he does not make his appearance this year on November 27th, Ramesh would make suitable changes in his script accordingly and start work.


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